Tuika’s Polynesian Island Magic Educational Residencies

Apply for funding to offset your cost!
In addition to our entertainment, we are part of a program that is funded through the Pennsylvania Council of the Art (PCA)
Talofa: greetings from the exciting and happy people of Samoa! Our goal is simply to broaden the knowledge of people in the mainland United States about the Polynesian culture, the different islands, and its people. We want to teach not only about the songs and dances of the Polynesian Islands, but also about the people who live in that part of the world and their everyday life: food, clothing, homes, cooking, tools we use, how we obtain the materials we use to make our houses and the ingredients to make our foods, and a whole lot more. We feel that the more people know about each other, the better we will understand other people, and the better we will live with each other. Culture is very important to us. Through music, song, and dance we help keep our traditions alive.

Age range for residencies:
Elementary, Middle/Junior, High School, Adult, Senior

Would you like to have Tuika and Cindy teach at your facility?
Tuika and Cindy are members of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA) Artists in Education (AIE) Residency Program Roster. Being included in the roster is a competitive process that then allows schools and community organizations to apply for funding to offset the costs of bringing in Tuika and Cindy to teach a residency.

What is a residency?
A residency is a partnership in which an artist teaches at least 10 or more days (these days need not be consecutive). This fosters relationships between the artists, teachers, and students. Also, it provides opportunities for curriculum-crossing activities, tying in many fields, including geography, physical education, history, language arts, etc.

How do I initiate a residency?
Please visit:
and contact:

Mary Brenholts
Director of School & Community Programs, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
412-361-0455 x368

Artist Contact:
Tuika and Cindy Faumuina
719 Garden City Drive
Monroeville, PA 15146
412-999-2391, 412-889-9183

References: Daniel Meunier, musician/teaching artist, 412-781-5058,
Linda Smay, PFA Board, Hosack Elementary School, 412-635-5125
Kelly Gary, first-grade teacher, Sewickley Academy, 412-741-2230,